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On March 30th, 2019 artist Katia Wille launched "Das tripas coração" Eng."Bending over backward", an interactive exhibition with the use of artificial intelligence in partnership with Microsoft, at Galeria do Lago - Museu da República in Rio de Janeiro. The project uses robotics, environment analysis, feelings, and voice to connect the audience with the works and provide a unique experience to each viewer through technology. 

According to artist Katia Wille, the idea is to establish a sensorial symbiosis between works of art and the viewer. "I want to expose the vulnerability of human relations to the maximum. The ultimate goal is to begin to create a mirror of ourselves in the works: the body would be represented by the robotic arms and sensors responsible for the movements, the mind by the artificial intelligence that learns from our feelings and gives the commands so that the movements happen, and the soul is represented by the art of eco-latex membranes painted as a fragile and gleaming skin. This establishes a relationship of trust and immersion between the artist, the work and the audience," says Katia Wille.

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